Postdam Bauer - Snajper / Robot 3000 - Split Tape (Cassette)

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  1. The tape has a marked tendency to split length-wise when being stripped off the roll, and once it splits like this, you have to slowly and meticulously work the split tape off the roll until you get an unsplit piece of tape again, cut the split end off, and resume actual useful work (as opposed to playing with the split /5().
  2. High-Speed Steel & Cobalt. High-speed steel offers good wear resistance, has some flexibility, and can absorb some shock and vibration. Cobalt is harder and more wear-resistant than high-speed steel, and it absorbs more shock and vibration than carbide.
  3. The Bauer Vapor X Hockey Skate is high quality hockey skate featuring a Thermoformed X-rib pattern on a tech nylon boot. It has integrated anatomical heel and ankle support. Inside the boot, the Vapor X has FORM FIT+ footbed with an anatomical .
  4. The YTP works, music and miscellaneous videos of CorruptionSound (Present). VHS Rips and Album Uploads are excluded due to their size, may be added in at.
  5. Idea for this tape-label was: "We have to admit that "non-music" can also be a form of expression of your ideas, anger & frustrations in today's world and society and there can be lots of fun when doing it.".
  6. © BAUER Hockey, LLC. and its affiliates. All rights reserved. VAPOR is a registered trademark owned by Nike, Inc. and/or its affiliates and used under license.
  7. A Wide Array of Transfer Tape Options for Every Unique Masking Surface and Material Finish. Whether it's high, medium, or low tack, USCutter has your back! We carry brands from TransferRite, to RTape, GreenStar and Orafol (Oracal). Low tack tapes are ideal for placement of large wraps and printed graphics, as well as paint mask.
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