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  1. In condensed matter physics, the term geometrical frustration (or in short: frustration) refers to a phenomenon, where atoms tend to stick to non-trivial positions or where, on a regular crystal lattice, conflicting inter-atomic forces (each one favoring rather simple, but different structures) lead to quite complex structures.
  2. Frustration is a feeling of annoyance that occurs when something doesn't go as you expect. There are few things more likely to cause frustration for an impatient driver than rush hour traffic.
  3. Frustrated definition, disappointed; thwarted: an announcer who was a frustrated actor. See more.
  4. Frustration definition is - the act of frustrating. How to use frustration in a sentence.
  5. Frustration, The rules of this intense point and click game are simple but that doesn’t mean that it’s not challenging. Can you maneuver your mouse through these complex mazes without hitting the walls or the barriers? It’s a lot trickier than it might seem/5().
  6. The frustration and the exposure of that plot has increased our reputation an hundredfold. He went on from day to day in a blackness of rage and shame and frustration. The Smith County boys, along with the other militiamen, were in a fury of frustration. He wanted to throw himself down from his horse and weep with frustration.
  7. frustration definition: The definition of frustration is the state of being annoyed or a source of annoyance. (noun) An example of a frustration is a science fair project that keeps falling apart.
  8. The act of preventing the accomplishment or fulfillment of something: the defense's frustration of their opponent's attempts to score.
  9. ‘The best way to prevent frustration here in China is to manage you expectations.’ ‘I managed to at least contain my frustration and prevented myself from bursting into a swearing fit.’ ‘She's accustomed to quicker success, and her frustration is starting to show.’ ‘The atmosphere is of barely restrained aggression and frustration.’.

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